Sunday, August 28, 2005

Summer's end

This, the last day before my little N heads off to the big wide world of kindergarten, we played.

There is a playa down the slope from our town. Usually it is dry, dustdevils strafing the surface stirring up the air and tumbling the tumbleweeds. But this summer has been wonderfully wet, filling up the playa with about a foot of water. What a glorious mud puddle!

The girls, a friend, his dad and I went down this morning and felt the squish of Summer between our toes. Curlews feasting on fairy shrimp had the same idea. It was fun, it was wet, it was deliciously dirty.

Kids are a blessing in that they let you do things your Mom never would.


At 10:19 AM, August 30, 2005, Blogger Tulipmania said...

oh my god, look at those chubby legs!!! Your baby looks soooooo much like my older daughter when she was a baby!!!
I'm glad you had so much fun playing in the mud, isn't getting dirty fun! My family thinks I'm crazy to let my kids get so dirty all the time--but I think it's a childhood must.

At 8:01 PM, August 30, 2005, Blogger eric said...

it's beautiful and melancholy isn't it? the pic of you guys along that "causeway" tells it all. all together, but not forever.

on a separate note ... as someone who lives in a coastal state with a lot of lakes, it's so interesting how a little bit of water can make folks living in the desert so excited.

shows how relative life is ...


p.s. speaking of kids making you do things your parents never would ... i grilled out in a darth vader mask the other day!

At 10:15 AM, September 01, 2005, Blogger erinberry said...

Such sweet photos!


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