Saturday, August 13, 2005

There's a whole wide world out there

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My folks live very close to the Pacific Ocean. Here you see N and A looking somewhere off towards Sydney, I believe, during our last trip to visit the grandparents.

There's something about this picture that I think will make me always remember it. Two little kids, sisters in heart and blood, facing the vast unknown together.

Or, maybe, they just liked talking about the feel of wet sand between their toes.

Sisters can be nice for small talk, too.


At 8:32 PM, August 13, 2005, Blogger eric said...

it is the vast unknown. that's the lure of the sea, i think. you look at the sheer expanse of it all, and you know that there is an entire world beneath it.

and you get to wade in just a little piece of that world.

and the waves are cool.

i plan on returning to the coast to live.


At 11:59 PM, August 15, 2005, Blogger Tulipmania said...

Beautiful! The girls look so peaceful and happy.

At 12:12 AM, August 16, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 8:37 AM, August 20, 2005, Blogger KZ the Turtlegirl said...

Thanks, Tulip. They had a great time at the beach that day.

Eric - oceans pull at me much like Niagara Falls pulled at me - some visceral response wants me to jump in and breath the water. Odd, that.

Seeing how much my kids enjoyed the beach makes me want to live near it again. Do you plan on returning to the coast for you, or for them? I hazard that I'd enjoy it too.


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